The greatest challenge of the enterprise today is linking Business Vision with Architecture and Technology.

Enterprises aim to integrate greater customer intimacy initiatives and the imperative
to run efficient product factories in order to dominate their markets.

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lloopp™ is your products and solutions partner in Deep Machine Learning, task automation and closed-loop optimization. Our core capabilities in digital genomics differentiates us from the traditional approaches in analytics and propels our customers ahead of their competition.

Solution Services

lloopp™ delivers new generation end-to-end business solutions, applying expertise in Deep Machine Learning to help transform businesses into Intelligent Enterprises.

Deep Machine Learning as a Service 

lloopp™ services ensures that your data is visualized, modeled, and presented in a way that help business managers generate new insights into potential opportunities. Our deep learning and automation services enrich internal data sets with data from social media, and other external sources. We build your automated solutions integrated with deep learning to deliver improved business results.

The Smart Nation and Big Data Analytics

I recently participated in a GPU Technology Conference sponsored by NVIDIA in Singapore in support of the Smart Nation initiative.
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A Simple Overview of Natural Intelligence in the Enterprise

Natural intelligence is an advanced data analytics feature that automates systems to improve sold commodities based on customer needs and preferences. It can also be tweaked to enhance internal operations.
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What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics pertains to finding concealed patterns, correlations and commonalities within huge datasets, often with the aid of advanced big data platforms.
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News & Resources

lloopp Event News

lloopp™ joins Smart Nation Innovations’ InnovFest UnBound

The Innovfest: Unbound was held last May 16-17 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, bringing in a community of professionals and innovators within the media-tech sphere. In the event, people from the startup community, the education sector, and top corporations exchanged knowledge and participated in cultivating technological opportunities that benefited all sectors.

lloopp, as a finalist for the iGX@Sentosa Challenge, participated in the events under Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) Tech Alley showcase. Featuring all technological innovations that Sentosa aim to bring into their customer experience, lloopp presented their 360° Customer Engagement solution, driven by Deep Learning applications.

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The Who’s Who of Deep Learning – Part 1

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How Big Data Can Help Blockchain

How Big Data Can Help Blockchain

As the backbone of the digital currency known as Bitcoin, the blockchain is a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but which no single entity controls.

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How Business Analysts Can Leverage Big Data

How Business Analysts Can Leverage Big Data

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The Risks of Ignoring Big  Data

The Risks of Ignoring Big Data

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Innovation + Social Good

MANILA, Philippines – On September 26, Rappler and the United Nations in the Philippines, through the United Nations Development Program, joined the global community through the Social Good Summit. Organized around the UN General Assembly, the Social Good Summit aims to start a global conversation on possible solutions to the world’s toughest questions. lloopp Founder & Managing Partner Mario Domingo speaks about Big data, deep learning and smart nations.

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Big Data Innovation Summit Singapore

With internationally renowned speakers and world-class delegates in attendance this summit boasts some of Big Data’s most influential individuals to educate you, inspire you and gives you unprecedented access to incredible networking opportunities. llooppTM Co-founder and Managing Partner, Mario Domingo‘s presentation will discuss “Diving Deep Into Smart Nations: From Supercomputing to Intelligent Transformations”.

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